Tuesday, February 09, 2016

DJD209 - Angled Mirrors

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Ephesians 2:8

Starting Question:

What makes God wonderful to you? 

Angled Mirrors

The power of God’s image shining through us is a wild and wonderful thing. 

It is wild because God is impossible to define or refine. He is the ultimate powerhouse in the universe. With His wild power He created the cosmos, gave breath to each creature, solved the sin problem and empowers each of us to heal the world and recreate broken lives.

It is wonderful because we are invited to share Him with the world. Imagine this - the God who can speak planets into place asks you to use your influence to represent Him to your friends! He created us to be creatures of contact and He knows it benefits both Him and us when we make contact - first with Him and then with those around us.

The power of God’s image shining through us is both wild and wonderful because He is happiest in relationship with us. The God of the universe feels the most satisfied and joyful when we call Him Father and spend our days looking to Him for life, breath and new creation.

Because of our faith in Jesus’ amazing gift for us on the cross, we are able to be God’s image bearers. And our faith increases as we use it. God’s power grows in us based on our faith - not the amount of our faith, but the focus of our faith. 

We are like angled mirrors reflecting the love, character, joy and creative bliss of God to the world. If we are unbalanced, His reflection is marred. A human mirror angled to face only God or only the suffering planet would be of no use to Him. But, when we are angled in such a way that our heart is focused is on Jesus but our hands are elbows deep in the needs of the lost - we become fully charged with His Glory.

God loves the World. He loved it enough to die for it. And He still loves it, through us. Every day we reflect His love into the world, we increase His presence and power here. Not because we are becoming better mirrors but because we are more carefully angled to show Him to the lost and the lost to Him. 

His work is to shine on us. Our work is the shine Him on others. As conduits of His Love, we both reveal God to the lost and reveal the needs of the lost to Him through our  care and prayer for both God and His Creation.

Reflection Question:
How will your hands be elbows deep in the needs of the lost today?

Prayer time:
Before you pray together, ask: What would you like to say to Jesus today?

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