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DJD203 - Redemption's Promise

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Genesis 3:15

Starting Question:

What is the best promise anyone has made to you?

The Promise of Redemption

Perhaps you noticed, in yesterday’s study, we skipped over the verse usually focused on when reading the story of the fall in Eden. This was done to help you see the story with new eyes. 

Today, let’s look at that verse - Genesis 3:15 - which opens the main theme of the Bible: God’s plan for redemption. 

The curse says snakes will crawl on their bellies and eat dust and wraps up by saying humans will always fear snakes and snakes will fear humans. A thousand stories could be told to prove this is true! 

But, it goes much deeper than being a simple story to explain why people are afraid of snakes. The snake’s curse ends with a promise - to both the snake and mankind. God’s people have a redeemer waiting in the wings - redemption is coming - and it will be through one of the future children of the woman from the Garden.

“He will strike your head, and you will strike his heel.”

Built upon this statement, and the other two curses, is a promise for  a return to God’s perfect Creation - a return to walking with God in the Garden and eating from the tree of Life.

And the promise looks like this: “He” is coming. 

This word translated “He” is - in the original Hebrew - focusing on one man, emphatically. “He” will crush the serpents head.  It’s the first presentation of the Good News - the beginning of the Gospel of Jesus Christ! 

The promise doesn’t stop there. The other two curses open windows into how “He” will emerge from this broken planet and how, even in brokenness - the planet reminds humanity of the promise of new life.

Women will give birth. Yes it will be painful. But the birth of every child will bring hope - by reminding that one day “He” will be born - “He” will bring God’s Kingdom to Earth - the way things were in Eden. 

Men will work the ground. Yes there will be thorns. But, every season, from broken dusty ground, new life will sprout in reminder and expectation that God’s Kingdom will sprout from dusty ground. New Life is possible and the promise draws near! As near as spring.

Since the moment humanity chose to go against God’s will, God provided the promise of a future return to Eden. Redemption is coming. And He sent reminders every day with the budding flower, ripening fruit, planted seeds, full harvests. And hope was provided with the birth of every child - perhaps this one is the Messiah! 

Reflection Question:

How do you think it helped God's people to have this promise as they waited for Jesus to come?

Prayer time:
Before you pray together, ask: What would you like to say to Jesus today?

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