Monday, October 17, 2011

USA trip with Cyrus - Day 8 - Epcot Center

Today, Cyrus and I explored Epcot Center. What a creative and crazy place!

Here is Cyrus infront of "Spaceship Earth".
SpaceShip Earth was a slow ride (inside the ball behind me) that explored communication between humans from cavemen to pre-mobile phone man. :)
I think it was made in the 80's...

Cyrus on a driving game.

Half of Epcot Center is a long walk from one nation to the next.
In each area there is architecture and food from that nation.

The final two pics are the pre-show (while in line) for Cryus' favourite ride of the day - Mission Space. We did the "Orange" level which the most intense option. The simulator creates G-forces and believable movements! I went to Mars... TWICE!

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