Saturday, October 08, 2011

CSPS Storytelling Workshop Series

Calling for storytellers, preachers, teachers and all people interested in communication. Please review the following and give me your ideas, critiques and any help you can!

I have been asked to present a Series of 6 story building and telling workshops to Video for the CSPS (Centre for Secular and Postmodern Studies – of the General Conference of Seventh-day Adventist Church). I'm heading to Atlanta, Georgia tomorrow to do the filming this Wednesday and Thursday.

I have put a rough sketch of each workshop in the following posts. Each 20 minute video will be 10 minutes storytelling and 10 minutes technique teaching. I would love to receive your feedback and guidance so I can adjust my talks to be as useful and effective as possible!

Story Seat = CGCV + STANDS

Books used as resources – Narrative Plot, The One Who Tells the Best Story Wins, The Story Factor, The Revolutionary Communicator, LoveMarks, The Art of storytelling, Super Simple Storytelling, Story Proof, It’s all in how you tell it, Storytelling from the Bible, Enchanted hunters, Improving your storytelling.

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