Sunday, October 16, 2011

USA trip with Cyrus - Day 7 - Animal Kingdom

Today is the first of our four days at Walt Disney World.

We explored Animal Kingdom and had lots of fun doing so!

Right after entering the park, we discovered the tree of life.
So, I thought Cyrus should start the day with a pic.

The first ride we went on was called "Dinosaur" and is based loosely on the Disney movie from a few years ago called "Dinosaur." It was a very fun roller coaster Disney style. Lots of animatronic dinosaurs, smoke, mist, darkness, loudness, scary moments, and lots of fun!

Here is our pic at the end of the ride. Can you find us?

The tree of life, up close. Examine the trunk of the tree. It's cool!

Long necked thing.

Cyrus spies something worth exploring.
This was the best ride at Animal Kingdom - "Expedition Everest!"

Larry, Curly and Moe at the playground.

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