Thursday, June 09, 2005

The Whale's Tale - Kids Club

We are nearly done with week two!
Last week we ran The Whale's Tale in Collinsvale and this week are running in it Rosny.
There is an interesting difference between city and country Kids Clubs. We had between 15-18 all week in Collinsvale. But in Rosny we have been getting under 10 kids each day. We had to send most of our helpers (youth) home for the rest of the week. But we will still be having a fantastic Thank You Party for the kids that helped!
The theme for The Whale's Tale is based on a parable I wrote for a theology class at Pacific Union College. I wrote six puppet scripts to be the foundation for the Kids Club. These Scripts flesh out the ideas presented in the parable as well as teaching basic character development each day.
Jenny made the puppets! (All except for Sebastian who is from the Little Mermaid cartoon.)

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