Friday, June 17, 2005

Pastor's Perspective - June 18

The 40 Days of Knowing Jesus Better (June 25 - August 6)
Imagine if Jesus walked in to church this morning and said, "I am going to be here for the next forty days. I will be physically involved in everything your church does. I will come to church on Sabbath mornings. I will come to your small groups. I will personally come and talk with each of you anytime you begin to pray. I will read the book with you and help you to truly Discover the Real Jesus!" That is the type of experience that we will share together in the 40 Days of Knowing Jesus Better.
You will experience Jesus' presence more fully as you are more fully involved. Attend a small group. Read the book. Set a special time aside each morning to pray. Come to the evening readings each day at 5:30pm at the church. Read the extra suggested reading. Listen to the audio CD of Steps to Christ that Pr Dave has prepared. Get involved! And you will truly feel the presence of Jesus coming near to you!

Pr Dave

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