Saturday, June 04, 2005

Kids Club - Colinsvale

The Whale's Tale - Week 1

We have finished this weeks Kids Club in the Colinsvale Church hall! It has been a successful week with a fantastic turnout for the conclusion & concert this afternoon. We had a lovely luncheon provided for the kids, parents and grandparents which was followed by the kids performing a concert, the puppets doing the concluding segment and myself giving a short talk about the soon coming of Christ. Next week we will be doing the same program at the Rosny Church for the kids in that area.
One of the segments today was a picture review of the week. You can have a look at the Powerpoint Prestentation and enjoy the pictures of the kids and their activities for the week. (It is a 2.5 meg download, but well worth it if you have a connection to the kids, the program or my family!)
I will add the puppet scripts at the end of next week as well as some closeups of the puppets that Jenny made for this special program. I don't want to put the scripts up this week and have the Rosny kids get ahold of them before they have seen them in action!

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  1. Hello David,
    I really liked you answer to xxxxxx about the church having standards. I believe that God doesn't really look at what we wear but how our personal realtionship is with him. The Bible doesn't say that we can't wear jewlery is says that we should not adorn ourselves with it. For example five earings in one ear and a ring on every finger and more than one necklace on our neck. I think that if we use it modestly it is ok. People do wear wedding bands and noone comments. but if a girl is wearing a sentimental ring from lets say her mother or father is she not alowed to wear it? I think that you should dress how you think you should and not worry what others think. If you are comfortable with what you use than that is all that matters. I think that one should do the best they can on perfecting themselves before worrying about other people and what they think. Because noone really knows what other people think.


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