Saturday, October 13, 2018

Sin separates. Love Unites. (Q4 SS Lesson Intro)

My Mom serves as the chaplain for the local chapter of the Veterans Association in her area of California. This week two people in her care asked for Bible studies. She said they don’t want to be led to a denomination but just to understand the Bible.

I told her to lead them to Jesus. That’s what He asks us to do!

She then said, “They want to know what the Bible says about Evolution VS Creation.”

“The Bible doesn’t talk about that,” I said. “Western Christians talk about that. The Bible assumes a Creator and goes from there.”

I then led her to a number of non-denominational studies exploring the primary themes of the Bible. You can find a heap of them at

This Quarter in our Bible study time, we are studying the overarching storyline of the Bible – Sin separates, Love unites – unity.

The Bible is the story of God’s interaction with His people. It is not a story of perfect people. There is only one who lived a perfect life – God in the flesh, Jesus Christ. The rest fail. The storyline is one of sin separating people from people and people from God and God’s Love calling those people out of the darkness of sin and into unity.

When God’s people call for unity, they are working in the loving mission of their Creator.

When God’s people cause disunity, they are working against the will of God.

Sin separates. God unites.

The Bible repeats this theme over and over. Sin separates. God unites. The Bible is not a science book but a book of reconciliation. When we ask, “Did that really happen?” We are not asking a Biblical question. The question the Bible answers – over and over again – is, “Does this really happen?” And the answer is yes. Sin separates. Love unifies.

At the beginning of the Bible, God creates order out of chaos. Then He keeps doing it, over and over. First with the world, then with His people. He commissions Adam and Eve to govern His Creation – creating and recreating order from the chaos of life. Sin destroys. Love creates.

Throughout the Bible, the theme is repeated. Sin separates, God unites. Ultimately by allowing Himself to be placed on a Cross where He provided ultimate unity between His people and Himself by taking their place in punishment. Sin separates, Love unites.

The cross is the ultimate example of sin’s destructive power to separate. It is also the ultimate example of God’s loving power to create unity.

Sin separates. God unites.

God is Love.

Sin separates. Love unites.

Join the cause of God.

Create unity!

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