Thursday, October 25, 2018

PFC #3 - Forgiven by Love

Review Spiritual Resilience
"ReStorying your Faith"

Spiritual Resilience Sources
Stories: Me, We, Our
Mentors: 5 Significant Adults

Story Building for Resilience
Get Story - Live it / Hear it
Restory - Give it meaning
Tell it & Retell it - lock it in

RQ#1 Biggest risk you've taken?

Forgiven by Love
King David & Bathsheba

RQ#2 Hardest "Sorry" you've said?

Story: I'm a sorry person.

The brain tumour & the affair
Jenny: What are WE going to do? 

Falling at the Foot of the Cross 
"There, but for" the GRACE of God, go I.
 - vs -
"Here, for" the GRACE of God, go I.

God's Reconcilers: 
"Have you talked to them, yet?"

Restorying Moment for me:
"What are WE going to do?"

Non-PCF Question:
(Something to chew on!)

Jesus made all things right between you and God.
God calls us our reconcilers. 
To you, God says: "Make things right!" 
Who do you need to talk with?
Have you talked to them, yet? When will you?

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