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28 Stories - Free eBook & Online Studies

28 Stories - ACT: Adventist Fundamentals

In 2009, my eldest son Cyrus wanted to study for Baptism. Unsatisfied with the deterministic style of the various studies available, I wrote this series of Biblical story-based and experiential discussion-driven studies. I've now used them to prepare all three of my children for Baptism.

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In 2012, Signs Publishing Company published the studies as a faith journal / Bible study guide called "28 Stories."

If you want me to visit your study group via zoom, email me.

If you want me to visit your study group via skype or zoom, email me.

Each of the 28 studies in this journal follows the pattern of:
Bible Story – Rewritten to connect you to the Biblical character and to direct your thoughts toward a particular aspect of the doctrine in consideration.
My Reflection – Finding yourself in the Biblical narrative.
My Story – Finding the principles of the Biblical narrative in your experience.
My Assurance – Strengthening your faith by encouraging your heart.
My Commitment – Challenging your faith by considering what you can become.
My Outlook – Expanding your horizon of your God, your world or yourself.
My Response – Acknowledging the doctrine and considering it’s importance.

Each of these sections is to be savoured slowly. Read the story in the morning. Think on a question or two at various points during the day - morning break, lunch, sitting on random park benches. If you like journaling, write lengthy responses. Immerse yourself in your faith journey. You’ll be glad you did!

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SET 1: 1-8 --- Finding Faith (8) 

Setting the Stage

SET 4: 23-28 --- Finishing in Faith (6)

Gideon’s Story

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