Wednesday, April 13, 2016

DJD413 - Breathing Servant

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Genesis 2:7

Starting Question:

Have you ever made something from scratch? What was it? What resources did you need? What tools were necessary? Did you succeed? Was it difficult?

Breathing Servant

** Continued from Handmade by God yesterday **

Of course, He had been breathing all along but this was a very deep, very long and very special breath. The Creator—the giver of life—leaned forward and put His mouth above the clay man’s mouth. Then He breathed out. As He exhaled, His lips moved, forming a word. It was a long drawn out word, taking the entire breath. It was the word ‘Spirit’ and it did something amazing to the clay man.

The red clay went shiny. The shininess changed to a soft skin-like substance. Then the reddish color deepened to reveal a tanned muscular human. The man sat up. The first thing he saw was the face of God.

Jesus smiled a winning smile and said, “Adam, my son, you were formed by my hands and brought to life by my Spirit, which I give to you in every breath.”

Adam opened his mouth; speech came easily to him, “Thank you, my Creator. You are my everything!”

Jesus extended a hand to Adam and helped him to his feet. Then draping His arm across the shoulders of His new creation, the two of them looked out over the glorious Garden of Eden. The sun shone full from behind them causing the river and everything beyond to shimmer and shine in it’s reflected brilliance.

The Creator spoke, turning to place His free hand on the man’s chest, “Adam, you are but shadow and breath,” and then with a sweeping gesture taking in all that was before them, He finished, “And yet, for you the universe was made!”

Jesus and Adam walked through the Garden. Jesus explained to Adam the amazing things that had taken place in the last six days. The entire world around them had taken shape—light, land, sea, sun, moon, rivers, trees, day and night.

Then Jesus said, “But today is special, Adam! Today I created and named you.”

“And I thank you,” Adam said. “I am greatly honoured to live in your paradise and care for your Creation.”

“And I am honoured to have you as my servant,” Jesus answered. “Serve me faithfully—with all your heart, all your mind and all your soul—and you will be fulfilled and happy.”

Reflection Question:

Imagine what it would have been like to be Adam on the day of his creation. What questions would you have asked God?

Prayer time:

Before you pray together, ask: What would you like to say to Jesus today?

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