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DJD408 - New God (SS BONUS)

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John 6:48-51

Starting Question:

Have you ever been in a place where you felt it was holy ground or a holy time? Perhaps it was a worship service. Or a quiet walk in nature. Where were you? What was the holy ground experience?

New God

** Continued from New Man yesterday **

One of Naaman’s men whispered into his ear, trying to save face for his Commander, “What do you need dirt for? There is plenty back at home!”

Naaman wrapped his arm around his man’s shoulders, smiled, and answered, “I will never again offer burnt offerings or sacrifices to any other god except the Lord.”  

How do you thank a true God for His providence? Naaman had discovered the answer — worship.

Elisha realised the beauty and innocence of the request. It was an honourable thing that Naaman was suggesting. He would take a bit of Israel home with him and worship Israel’s God on the prophet’s land, every day. Elisha nodded his agreement and Naaman’s servants loaded up the mules. Then, with many thank-you’s and well wishes, Naaman headed home.

Imagine the scene as they rode back into Naaman’s property in Aram. His wife and servant girl are longing to see if the master is healed. They run out to meet him. They embrace his perfectly healthy arms and legs. They rejoice. But they can see that something else is on his mind.

“Make a pile over there,” Naaman says to his men pointing at a central spot in the front yard. They take the bags off the mules and pour out the dirt. Imagine the thoughts of his wife and servant girl. Naaman has been healed of leprosy and he is excited about a gardening project? He took time to bring home a huge pile of dirt?

“Dirt from the Prophet’s front yard!” he excitedly explains to his wife and slave girl. Then he forms the Prophet’s dirt, now in his own front yard, into a flat area and builds an altar — like he’s seen in Israel — to the one true God. Not only has Naaman been healed, he has found a God worth taking home.

Every day he brings his offerings to the altar. He sacrifices to the God of Israel. Neighbours walk by and stare. Naaman explains again, “It’s dirt from the Prophet of the one true God — Israel’s God — who healed me from leprosy!”

And everyday, as he makes his sacrifices — as he kneels in worship — he is not alone. He is joined by someone very special to him, someone who saved his life, a servant girl who taught him humility. She kneels too — on home soil — and worships the God she has always loved.

Reflection Question:
What events in Biblical history are holy times or places that we still honour today? What events or activities can we be involved in to transport us back to those special times of worship?

Prayer time:
Before you pray together, ask: What would you like to say to Jesus today?

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