Friday, March 18, 2016

DJD318 - War on Earth (SS BONUS)

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Isaiah 14:12-14

Starting Question:

Have you had an experience where something that you thought was only affecting other people started to affect you? How did it change your interest and involvement in the situation?

War on Earth 

** Continued from War in Heaven yesterday ** 

The dark army was largely out numbered—three to one. The battle raged for a very long time. Finally, all but one of the dark beings had been pushed out of Heaven.

Michael faced the dragon with new resolve. The dragon lunged and attacked with seven heads at once. Michael stepped under the heads and drove his sword into the heavily plated chest of the dragon. The force of the blow propelled the beast backward a few steps.

The dragon teetered at the edge of Heaven. Its taloned feet clawed the ground trying to regain a foothold. Seven sets of draconic eyes fixed on Michael who stood, breathing heavily, leaning on His sword as if it were a walking stick. He watched as the dragon struggled to get a grip on Heaven. But, it was not to be. The dragon fell.

Like a lead weight dropped from the top of a building, the dragon plummeted toward the Earth. Stars rushed past like well-lit windows on a midnight expressway. The moon approached and rushed past.

The dragon wasn’t flying. It was more like it had been thrown at great speed. It’s wings flailed as it tried to right itself—too late. With a bone shattering, wing-snapping, teeth-grinding thud the dragon smashed into the dessert.

The Earthbound dragon climbed out of the crater created by the impact, only to see the woman walking away from him. He erupted with a thunderous roar that shook the desert.

The woman ran. She didn’t stand a chance. The dragon clawed the ground as he ran after her. As he gained on the woman, she leapt into the air, two huge wings sprouting from her back. The dragon leapt up, flying behind her.

Taking seven huge breaths at once, the dragon released a torrent of water from each mouth. The streams joined together to make a tsunami in the desert. The huge wave rushed toward the woman, dwarfing her in its impressive shadow.

A tremendous earthquake shook the desert floor creating a massive network of cracks and chasms. The water plummeted into the thirsty ground and gurgled into silence.

The woman had vanished—hidden by the same hand that protected the baby. The dragon landed and searched the chasm that had inhaled the tidal wave. In frustrated anger one of the dragon’s heads bit another. That head took a bite back. Soon the dragon was engaged in all out war on itself, necks intertwining, razor sharp teeth snapping.

Finally the dragon stilled and quizzically stared into the distance, beyond the desert, through time itself. Taking a couple of unsure steps in our direction, all seven heads scanned the ground, confident there was something in the desert dust not far away. The heads rose as one, with new resolve. This old Earth wasn’t barren after all.

The great red dragon-—focusing on your scent and mine—charged, it’s huge claws indiscriminately throwing clouds of sand to the left and the right.

Reflection Question:
What happened to your attention level when you read that the dragon smelled you and is running toward you? Did the story take on new importance? Why?

Prayer time:
Before you pray together, ask: What would you like to say to Jesus today?

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