Thursday, March 17, 2016

DJD317 - War in Heaven

Read More Daily Jesus

Revelation 12:7-9

Starting Question:

What do you enjoy most: a story of a list of facts about an event? Why? 

War in Heaven

An ear-piercing scream erupted from the surface of the moon and tearing through time and space, demanded the attention of the universe.

Flapping huge sinewy wings, the unearthly demon propelled itself toward the moon—and the source of the scream. It was huge—a red dragon with seven angry heads-—a hideous beast.

On the surface of the moon, a woman clothed in the light of the sun and wearing a crown of twelve stars, screamed again in childbirth.

The dragon flapped its wings and opened its seven mouths, the sun glistening off razor-sharp teeth. A mighty bellow burst from the dragon in a dissonant chord of seven demonic voices. Landing on the moon, the dragon ran toward the woman. Its seven mouths gaped, each intent on being the first to devour the new baby.

The woman, standing in a crouched position, released a final scream of desperation and the baby fell onto the hard surface of the moon.

The dragon, running at top speed, lowered its heads to catch the baby. It began to rumble in a cross between a laugh and a growl. Fourteen rows of razor-sharp teeth snarled. Talons clawed at the ground—propelling the red demon faster and faster.

The woman, still in pain, reached toward her baby. The dragon’s heads each swiveled in to catch the child before the woman. Then a huge hand came out of nowhere and snatched the baby.

The seven dragonheads flung skyward as the hand—and the baby—shot into the stars. The woman’s gaze went to the same point in the sky. The surface of the moon began to shake as the dragon worked up enough speed to launch itself into the sky. With two great flaps of its leathery crimson wings the dragon left the surface of the moon in hot pursuit of the hand—and the baby.

Heaven, in all its glory, grew in size as the hand and the dragon approached. As the hand arrived in Heaven, Michael stood in the palm—a grown man—holding a sword. Raising the sword above his head, he shouted, “Come to arms, children of the light!”

The Dragon flapped its wings with new resolve. It too could see the kingdom of gold. There was a reflection in the dragon’s eye—himself, sitting on a golden throne.

Michael was now standing in front of the glorious city—his huge sword radiating hot-white light. Lined up on both sides of Him, thousands of angels—covered in light—held swords of their own.

The dragon was about to land when a wooshing noise shot past—then another and another. Woosh. Woosh. Woosh. They were hard to see—woosh—only visible against the shining light of the city—woosh, woosh—dark beings, angels in black. The dragon and its evil minions landed together as a mighty army of darkness—at once beginning to fight against Michael and His angels. And there was war in Heaven.

** Continued in War on Earth tomorrow **

Reflection Question:
What do you think it would be like if we could physically see all the spiritual warfare that is going on around us between good and evil?

Prayer time:
Before you pray together, ask: What would you like to say to Jesus today?

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