Monday, October 07, 2013

The Kingdom Scroll (from Chapter 13)

James sprinted behind David, putting every bit of energy he could muster into keeping up. He saw the sling start to spin. Then he saw David lunge forward, the sling cracking loudly as it whipped toward the giant and launched the stone. David put the full force of his strength and every bit of his momentum into the action. The stone flew like a rocket, directly toward the giant. David took two or three stuttered steps and then stopped, panting heavily as he watched the trajectory of the stone.

James caught up with David and fell to the ground, trying to regain his breath. He had never run that fast in his entire life. From the ground, where he lay on his back, James looked up at David just in time to see him pump his fist in the air and let out a whoop of triumph. James flipped over and jumped to his feet.

The giant was staggering backward and forward, to the left and right, drunkenly. His shield-bearer had spun around when he heard the wet thud of the stone striking Goliath’s skull and watched in horror as the behemoth of a man stumbled and fell on his face. The shield-bearer turned his gaze back to David.

David locked eyes with the shield-bearer and reached into his satchel. He shouted, menacingly, “I’ve got a little present for you, too!” His hand came out of the satchel holding a stone. He placed the stone in the sling. The huge shield fell and warbled to the ground as the man who had been holding it ran for dear life.

David laughed and put the stone back in his satchel as he walked toward the fallen giant. James walked alongside David. He could feel the energy and charisma coming from the young shepherd. This moment was the beginning of a great warrior!


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