Friday, October 11, 2013

The Daily Meal

My daily meal is based on my weekly schedule. And often it a sizeable plate of food. I try to keep it as heathy as possible - being honest with people I love and careful with people I serve.

In environments where I can control the food, I do. I don't eat deserts or sweets. When I do, I keep the portion very small.

I do my best to eat for health.

Monday I have lunch with the boy’s at Men’s Shed. They usually have meat and three veg. I had to opt out once when they had meat pies and chips - nothing good in it! 

Tuesday I have a BBQ tea on my way home from Northpoint. I stop at Coles 1/2 way home (around 3pm) grab some chicken tenderloins, a bottle of fruit juice, and a flavour sachet and drive to a little park with a BBQ. (For those non-aussies reading this, free gas BBQ’s are a common feature in Australian roadside picnic areas! It’s an amazing lifestyle!) I BBQ the meat, enjoy the great outdoors and then eat while I’m finishing the drive home. 

Wednesday afternoons my mother in law spends an hour teaching cooking skills to Cyrus, our oldest son, and they cook dinner for our family. They always cook something healthy and delicious. We eat around 6pm.

Thursday night I volunteer at Vive Cafe where they serve a three course meal to needy people. I have the main course. Sometimes, if soup is the first course, I’ll have that, too. I always skip the desert. There’s nothing good in it! That meal is consumed at about 6:30.

Friday night we have soup, bread and fruit juice as a family. I usually make a cauliflower/broccoli soup (You don’t need a recipe! Just boil a head of broccoli and a head of cauliflower until soft. Then add some soup stock (Vegeta) and blend it all up - in the same water. Soup’s On!) and garlic bread. I skip the bread. 

Saturday Lunch is at Grandma’s house. Usually about 1:30pm. Always delicious!

Sunday, I often make myself a steak and Veg plate (I love broccoli!) for an early dinner around 3pm. 

Because I am keeping System 1 of my Hybrid Engine running out often, these meals get processed very effectively. When I feel full, I feel sad - so long until System 1 goes off again! 

Have fun with it.

I am!

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