Monday, September 09, 2013

The Lamb Scroll (from Chapter 14)

“Why is everyone crying?” Hannah asked.
“Because,” Paul answered, “many people have died tonight.”
“Even Pharaoh’s own son died in the palace!” James exclaimed.
As his words filled the space around them they bounced off marble walls, massive columns and beautiful candles that lit the large cathedral-like room they were standing in. The three children spun in circles looking at Pharaoh’s palace.
The sound of footsteps came from a long hallway that entered from the left side of the room. Another sound mixed with the steps. It was a kind of thumping or tapping that seemed to be working in rhythm with the footfalls. Tap—step, step. Tap—step, step.
A man with a long grey beard, wearing a dirty-brown robe that billowed around him walked into view. He was holding a large walking stick in his right hand. It thudded against the marble floor as he walked forward. Tap—step, step. Tap—step, step.
Behind him came another man. He was dressed much the same but carried no staff.
A deep voice bellowed into the night, “MOSES!” The children were startled by the voice. Where had it come from? They walked around the huge column they were standing next too and saw, at the far right of the palace hall, a huge throne with a beautifully dressed man sitting on it.
“It’s Pharaoh!” As James said the words all the air expelled from his lungs in shock.
“He looks so important!” Hannah said.
“He is—or was—until this night,” Paul added.
The man with the staff stopped at the far edge of the hall.
“That’s Moses,” Paul said, “and Aaron, his brother.”
“They look tired,” Hannah said.
“They have been through a lot,” Paul said. “They have been waiting for tonight for a long time.”
 “Moses,” Pharaoh thundered again. “Leave us!” Pharaoh took a ragged breath. He seemed to be struggling to speak.
“Is he crying?” Hannah asked.
“I think so,” Paul answered.
Pharaoh swept his hand from one side of the room to the other as he shouted, “Go away, all of you!” Another sob shook Pharaoh’s frame and then, defeated, he said, “Go and serve the Lord as you have requested. Take your flocks and herds, and be gone.”
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