Monday, September 30, 2013

The Kingdom Scroll (from Chapter 7)

Just then they heard footsteps in the darkness. There were a few people walking together from the sound of their feet. When they got closer, the kids could make out whispering voices.

“You really saw the dream?” one voice said.

“And it’s meaning?” another added.

“Yes!” a third voice answered. “We must find Arioch.”

“That’s Daniel!” James said jumping toward the voices. “Let’s follow them!”

“Yes!” Paul said excitedly. “It must be the next morning. Come on, Hannah!” Paul grabbed his sister’s hand and they hurried after James, following the voices in the dark.

Soon they were right behind the group of men. There were four of them. They walked briskly across the terrace and into another wing of the palace. There were lots of doors to the right and left. 

“Which one is Arioch’s room?” one voice asked.

“The one on the very end,” Daniel answered. “The corner room. It has the best view of the city streets. Arioch is always looking for ways to keep his finger on the pulse of Babylon.”

Suddenly the men stopped walking. “This is it,” Daniel said as he raised his hand and knocked firmly three times.

A scuffling noise came toward the door. A bar was lifted from the other side and the door swung into the room. Arioch stepped out, fully dressed, holding a torch that blazed into the darkness. “Yes?” 

“I have seen the king’s dream,” Daniel said quickly.

“And the meaning?” Arioch asked seriously, his face lit by the torch.

Daniel and the three men with him all answered together, “Yes!”

“Come with me,” Arioch said taking Daniel by the arm. Then pushing the torch toward the other men he examined their faces. “You lot, go home. No need for a fan club.”

“Yes sir,” the others said together.


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