Monday, August 12, 2013

The Serpent Scroll (from Chapter 20)

“Where’s the woman?” Hannah asked.
They all spun in a circle looking for the woman. She was gone. The water was gone too. But the dragon was still there—a few hundred yards in front of the children. The huge red beast was sitting back on its haunches studying the desert. It too was looking for the woman. In frustrated anger one of the dragon’s heads bit another. Then that head took a bite back. Soon the dragon was engaged in all out war on itself, necks intertwining, razor sharp teeth snapping.
“He looks angry,” Paul said.
“He looks like a flaming red fool!” James laughed. “He’s biting himself!”
“I think he’s loosing his mind,” Paul said in agreement.
Finally the dragon stilled and looked in their direction.
“Is he looking at us?” Hannah asked with a tremble in her voice.
“No,” Paul said, “He can’t see us.”
One of the dragon’s heads twisted sideways, like a dog listening to some faint noise in the distance.
“Why is he doing that?” Hannah asked. “Do you think he can hear us?”
Another of the dragon’s heads began craning in their direction.
“No,” James said taking a step forward and shouting at the dragon in a teasing voice, “He’s just a big red dragon who can’t catch anything!”
The dragon lifted its bulk off the ground and took a couple unsure steps in their direction. All seven heads were now scanning the ground as if they were sure there was something in the desert dust not far away.
“I really think he can hear us!” Hannah began to cry.
The dragon began running toward them, it’s huge claws throwing clouds of sand to the left and right. 
“We’ve got to get out of here!” James said. “Quick Paul, what does the scroll card say now?”
The dragon was running full speed directly toward the children. It knew! Somehow it knew they were there.
Paul tugged the card out of his pocket and shouted, “It says, ‘END’ on the bottom of the card! Quick put your fingers on the card!”

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