Monday, August 05, 2013

The Serpent Scroll (from Chapter 17)

Suddenly an invisible force hit the three children from behind. It didn’t hurt but felt like a rubber band had gone tight around them and was flinging them toward the moon at high speed.
“What’s happening?” James said as he grabbed Hannah’s hand.
“It’s scaring me!” Hannah said. “Are we going to crash into the moon?”
“I think the prophecy is going to the next part of the story,” Paul said quietly. He seemed calm, which surprised James.
“What do you mean?” James asked, breathing quickly.
“The woman is going to have her baby,” Paul replied.
As they hurtled toward the moon something emerged from the dark side of the earth—something they hadn’t seen before. It was large—much larger than the three children. It was red. And it was flying toward the moon.
“What is that?” Hannah screamed in fright.
The beast was close enough now to see more clearly. It had huge sinewy wings and flapped them ferociously, propelling itself toward the moon—and the woman.
“I think it’s a dragon,” Paul stated.
“And I think,” James interrupted, “that we are going to run right into it!”
He was right. They were headed on a collision course with the Dragon and the moon. It seemed there was going to be one huge crash when they reached the woman.
The dragon was getting closer and larger with every passing second. It was impossibly huge. As it got within a few hundred miles of the children they could see the dragon had seven heads on seven long necks. It was a hideous beast. And it was heading toward the woman who was beginning to have her baby.
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