Saturday, May 04, 2013

Sabbath Ideas for Families

Is Sabbath the best day of the week for your kids?
Do you want to ensure it always will be? 
There's an APP for that!

It's always a humbling day when you discover one of your friends is smarter - much smarter - than you. Well, my good mate and former workmate Scott Wegener is a website and app designer and this week he released his latest project. It's awesome. It's for Adventist families. And it's free - because it's Sabbathware! 

Thanks Scott. You smart man you!

If you have kids, you know the struggle to keep Sabbath enjoyable for their creative busy little minds. The good news is, there are so many ideas here you can do a new one every 15 minutes for the next 200 Sabbaths. And there are more ideas coming with every new user - Scott is counting on you! 

So, explore the website. Or grab the APP and take "SabbathIdeas" with you wherever you go this Sabbath!

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