Thursday, May 09, 2013

Eager to Forgive (Jonah)

Sabbath School - May 11 - Jonah
A Sabbath School resource from the Victoria Conference of the Adventist Church in Australia

What aspect of the book of Jonah most appeals to you?

What about the Prophet Jonah, are you attracted to him or repelled? Why?
Which part of his spiritual journey do you relate best to?

What impresses you most about the sailors?
Jonah's presence on the boat led to them worshiping his God. While this is poetically ironic, could it also have been part of God's plan?

For a godless city, the Ninevites repent quickly. What does this teach us? 
The king proclaims a time of mourning in both action and decree. What does this teach us about spiritual leadership?

What picture of God is revealed in this story? 

After examining all the characters - Jonah, sailors, the king, Ninevites and God - which do you most resonate with right now? At which point in your life have you related most with each character/group?

In the Vegetales movie "Jonah" the worm (which eats the bush) is the character the story is built around. The worm has the key teaching lines after eating the bush. Which character would you use to teach the story of Jonah? In your view, what is the key point?
Discuss the lessons we would learn if the story was to be told by:
The Sailors
The King

Discuss the lesson taught by Jonah’s actions in each setting:
Jonah on the boat
Jonah in the big fish
Jonah preaching in Ninevah
Jonah sitting under the bush
Jonah after the bush is gone

God is as quick to forgive as we are to repent. 
Consider this statement in relation to:
The Sailors
The Ninevites

What is the take home point for you today?

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