Saturday, January 05, 2013

St Vincent’ Saturday – 4:40pm

This is the first day and time that I have enough energy or concentration to get out the laptop after the surgery.

All I can say, is, “Wow! That hurt!” The surgery started Tuesday about 11AM and went for about 9 hours and 3 hours were spent getting me out of deep sleep. By far, the most pain came from my left hip on which they had me laying for the entire surgery. Imagine 9 hours, asleep on one side, on concrete. Then, if you want some subsidiary pain, imagine having your head bolted to a brace that held it in place for the surgery. I was in my bed, in recovery by 11:30 pm and Jenny stayed until 1AM. I cannot imagine what it was like for her to wait so long!

Wednesday, they let me sleep all day. Which is a good thing, because that was all I was doing, anyway! It was so hard to focus when I was awake. I was in a half-way la-la-land. My Dad or my Wife were here every time I opened my eyes. That meant a lot.

I’m coming through it as well as everyone expects. The neurosurgeons have been up a few times to check on me. I was given a CT Scan on Thursday and that came back that there was no bleeding on the brain. Which is great news, to say the least!
I got up yesterday with the physio and went for a short walk. Longer than she expected, evidently! Today, I have walked to the lounge and back, had my catheter out and wandered to the toilet a couple of times. I ate a bit of my tea last night, a bit of my breaky this morning, and a big chunk of my lunch. It isn’t easy! All I want to do is shake my head and send the food away. But I know healing doesn’t happen that way! So, I eat. And, after a bit, it tastes all right.

By far the most meaningful stage on my recovery was when my three kids came in to see me today. That was beautifully special. It took everything in me not to cry while they were here. (I’m crying now). They are so beautiful. I am so richly blessed. They were all so anxious to see me and to tell me how much they missed me. I am so loved. It is truly a wonderful life!


  1. Now I am crying too. God bless you Dave!

  2. Bless you Dave Great to hear recovery is going well!

  3. Anonymous4:59 pm

    Your mom and I have been worried sick about you. It is so good to hear from you and to see that your progressing well. Love and prayers continue to come your direction. By the way it's ok to cry and let your kids see that, it shows them how much you really love them. You are a stong young man and have faith in your ability to beat this little bump in the road. Take care and keep us all posted. You have alot of friends out there that care and love you.


  4. I love you big brother. Im so happy your doing so well.

  5. Lindsay Barrett5:21 pm

    Great to see your update. Our Love & Prayers will continue for a good recovery. God is blessing you, He has a great work He has planned in your life. Things He puts in our life, help us to be able to help others. Your tallents may be the only way someone can learn to know how much God loves them. Keep up the great job through your books & stories.

  6. Lindy judd10:15 am

    Great news Dave. God bless your continuing recovery. Love to all the family from all of us.


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