Tuesday, January 08, 2013

10-4 Over and Out!

Well, I’ve made it. I’m going home today! (in just an hour or so!)

I still have a few months of recovery. The Neurosurgeon told me, “In laymen's terms, you’ve been kicked in the head. Real hard! It’ll take you six weeks before you should be thinking of getting involved in work, life, etc. Just relax. Be a baby again. You need to heal.” 

I’ll try doc!

I’ve got to tell you about my neurosurgeons. They are real gentlemen. Dr Paul and Dr Simon (oh my, I just saw that when I wrote it down... lol... Paul Simon gave me a new song to sing!) lol ... Anyway, Dr Paul and Dr Simon have come in repeatedly to check on me. They are the two who did the tumour removal. On Sunday, Dr Simon brought his son, 5 year old Henry, to the wards with him. That was one of the best experiences for me. Just to see childhood innocence again. And I got to ask him about his favourite show (Little Einsteins) and have fun with him. It was very cathartic. I love kids! 

Dr Paul and Dr Simon have given me lots of attention and it’s amazing really. They are very busy guys. They come individually to have a chat. Then they come together. They are very happy with how my face is working. I think they like to see me smile. :)

The tumour was enmeshing my facial nerve, hearing nerve and balance nerve. They told me beforehand that you always loose your hearing on that side from this tumour removal because they have to cut the hearing nerve and remove the part the tumour has built itself on. The balance and facial control is what they dont know until after they do the surgery. It can be really bad vertigo for some people - taking weeks or months to learn to walk again without getting dizzy. And it can be facial paralysis for some people - which often comes back after a few days or weeks but sometimes remains, like a stroke, forever. 

My tumour was wrapped around my facial nerve. And they were very careful. That’s why it took so long. Dr Paul and Dr Simon didn’t want me to be paralyzed on the left side of my face. Thanks guys! So, they carefully cut away all but a thin sheath of the tumour around the facial nerve. There’s still a tiny remnant of the tumour in there. They will keep an eye on it with MRI’s every few months. Dr Paul said, “They rarely start growing again. But, we will watch it carefully.”

I can taste with both sides of my tongue again. I can feel all of my face (a lot of the left side has been numb for more than three months). I can feel in my left teeth and gums again. I open my left eye a lot wider than I have in a long time. Pr James, when he visited yesterday, said I look younger. My wife, Jenny, says I don’t look tired. Evidently I looked tired before because my left face was droopy. Well, no more! But, I am very tired! I’ve been kicked in the head! lol

So, everyone here is very happy with me. The Doctors say I can go home. The Physio had me walk up a flight of stairs, walk in a straight line looking left and right and then walk straight looking up high then down low while moving quickly. You go try that. It aint easy.

My balance is great. In my pretesting, they discovered the tumour had already taken my balance signals coming from my left ear. Zero signal was getting through. I was hoping that meant after the surgery I wouldn’t have sudden vertigo because I had been compensating slowly for years as the tumour grew. And, it’s true. That’s what’s happened. My only dizzyness is from being kicked in the head and sleeping on concrete (sore hip). I’m good to go!

See you soon!

Oh, 10-4 has been my ward and room. I’m patient number 1. So, 10-04-01 - over and out!


  1. Carol Tasker8:05 pm

    Welcome home Dave. I just stumbled on your blogspot today for the first time - didn't know a thing about your journey till tonight. But your blogs are rich - have just read all since August tonight, and have made notes to come back to your 2013 WOP writing. You have much to teach all of us, but in the meantime, you've got the next 6 weeks to be reminded of what it means to be an nfant..! Enjoy - for such is the kingdom of Heven. Blessings and prayers, from us both

  2. Thanks Carol!
    Have you read the rest of the Tumour Saga?
    What about the Youth WOP Junior readings?
    I'm back in the writing, speaking - being Dave - game!
    loving life!


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