Monday, December 31, 2012

The Call

Wow! Just got "the call" and it was more than expected!

An hour ago I received a call from the hospital. I'm heading into the city now on the train. MRI today (and a head-shave!) and surgery on Wednesday.

Doctor Smith asked them to "move it along" and they did so.
I'm happy! I want to get on the recovery track rather than the waiting track. So, this is good news.

But it's also a bit of a shock! Zoom boom! Edgren, you're up!

I was in the hot tub when I got the call. After hanging up I went in to have a shower and got the shakes. I said to Jenny, "I'm shaking but I'm not cold." She said, "It's shock!"

Isn't adrenalin a wonderful thing!?  lol

So, I'm showered, not shaking and at the station. Train in 10 mins.

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