Monday, December 31, 2012


"He deserves lots of dots," the wooden people would agree with one another. 
"He's not a good wooden person."
...   ...   ...

I now know how Ponchello felt in Max Lucado's children's book "You Are Special."

I went to get my MRI and they said, you can go home today as long as you can be here Wednesday at 7am sharp and keep all the dots on your head!"

So now I'm sitting in the car while Jenny gets some shopping. "I've got dots! I'm not going in there!"  lol

The MRI went perfectly. Getting the dots to stick was another story. I actually said to the nurse, "Other people's dots don't stick to me very easily." She laughed and said, "That's good, I guess."

They tried everything to draw on my skin with their special pen (felt more like an ice pick that a pen) and to get the dots to stick. Finally they gave me some alcohol based "pre-surgery" shampoo and asked me to go wash my hair. I could feel the dots starting to stick. Ok, I have oily skin.

I showered and washed my hair one blog entry ago! Geeeeesh!

After the oil-be-gone head wash, the dots stuck. And so they should! But I still wouldn't be drawn! They used a Sharpie in the end.

So, now I'm not allowed to get sweaty or the dots will fall off and the ink will run. The nurse actually said, "Please try not to sweat. Just think about not sweating."

Yes dear, shall do.

An A/C in the face works wonders!

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