Merry-Go Monkey Round Go Drum Bang

Have you heard the one about the monkey banging a drum on a merry-go-round? 

I have.

It’s in my mind. The little monkey, holding his drum which has “tumor” written on it in big red letters, goes round and round - banging. 

As the merry-go-round spins the monkey get’s farther away. He’s still beating his drum, but it’s at a distance. Then, bang, bang, bang - here he comes! 

It is fascinating how the mind works. I have talked to lots of people over the past day and the topic of every conversation has been “tumor.” And the merry-go-round keeps spinning.

Even when I’m reading, watching tv, chatting with family, whatever - the monkey and his drum are ever present - sometimes quiet, sometimes loud.

Is this how worriers feel all the time? They call it stress!

Oh for the peaceful mind of Dave.

Hello little monkey!

Dave Edgren ~ Story: Teller, Author, Trainer ~

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