It is amazing how times like this bring a family together. 

I’ve been off work since the tumour was found and my kids are making the most of it. Downball in the driveway with Dad. Shopping with Dad. Meals with Dad. Cyrus just came in and asked if we can go to a movie. 

Thursday morning, I called a family meeting. We all gathered together and I explained the tumour to them. I showed them the MRI scan and pointed out the tumour - not that you could miss it! And they asked questions and we pondered the situation together.

Mikey’s first comment, “Hey Dad, you’ll have new stories to tell!” I laughed and told him I was already thinking about that. There will be an entire string of stories. That’s when I decided to blog as often as I could about the situation as it develops. Then, when I want to look back and reflect on the journey, I’ll have it written up. And I’ll have the comments of many people to go along with each post. The stories are writing themselves!

Rachael has stepped up the daily hug quotient. She wraps herself around me and hugs tight and says, “I looooove you, Dad!” Today, when I dropped her off at school, she climbed across the centre console in the van and gave me a hug. It wasn’t an easy climb. And she’s never done that before. She also doesn’t like us talking about the surgery or the tumour. She just wants to love me. And that’s wonderful!

Cyrus checks my status often. Not my Facebook status. My live status. Being a homeschooler this year, he’s here all day like I am. He comes in every hour or so and asks, “How you going?” Then he talks about the tumour, or the hospital, or something we could do together. He remembers his time in hospital. He had brain trouble and an MRI too, and is probably the closest in the family to understanding how I feel. He’s been there. He calls me “tumour boy” like I’m the superhero of brain-world.

Thursday night, after a very busy and stressful day for her, Jenny cooked me one of my favourite meals - Sweet Potato Enchiladas and Green Chili Rice. She was thinking of me during her busy day and wanted me to know how much she loved me. And it was yummy! Wow, it was good. We have been out for coffee’s, walks, shopping and spent a lot of time together at home just talking. 

I wouldn’t wish a brain tumour on anyone, but if I could bottle this love and attention, I’d be a rich man! 

I love my family!

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