Friday, November 18, 2005

Write now!

Next year I will be making a major shift. I'll also be doing my fair share of spacing and returns as well... (ok, enough writing puns!)

I have been preaching the Word since I was a boy. But, along side the preaching I have always had a love for and an involvement in writing. I have written numerous articles on spiritual issues over the years and have had a column in The Edge for the last three years.

In year 12 I was the editor of my school paper. Now... Some 15 years later... I have been asked to return that role. This time as the Senior Assistant Editor at the Signs Publishing Company for the South Pacific Division. I am quite excited!

For the last seven years of ministry I have been a speaker primarily and a writer secondarily. I am looking forward to switching the focus and developing my writing skills. I am looking forward to serving on the team at the Signs.

I will be finishing my service in Tassie by attending Camp and running The Journey tent for its second year. Then, in February, I will start my role at the Signs.

God is Good!

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  1. Congradulations Dave! Sounds like an awesome job. And you'll be back in Victoria too I guess.

    -Dave H.


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