Friday, November 18, 2005

Rights & Wrongs VS Rights & Lefts

As Christians we must follow God and God alone. So often in our Christian experience we are asked to take sides. In human situations the choice we are often offered is between one person and another - or one ideology or another. God does not ask us to judge between people. In fact he commands, "Judge not, lest you be judged!"

God does ask, however, that we focus narrowly on the His Character as revealed through his Son Jesus and through the Law - which serves as a written transcript of His Character. Following God's will is not always easy. So many things get in the way! Our view of God's leading is often obscured by some earthy commitment or human allegiance that we have formed. Often we think we are doing God's will when we are really just fighting for the Right or Left in some human cause.

As you explore the challenge of seeing life through God's eyes and living as God's representative, you truly may be the only Jesus many people will ever see. The World is watching. The Church is watching. Our God is watching. Let us make sure that we are watching Him and following His Will alone!

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