Friday, July 22, 2005

Milestones of your Journey

The Christian life is a journey. Each stage with Christ is marked by something different for each Christian, because each journey is different. We all have the same Saviour, but our experiences with Him are as unique as each snow flake that falls from the clouds.

The chapters of my walk with Jesus have been clearly marked by very memorable events. The first was my Baptism in 1984. Then, in 1989 I was changed while on a fly-and-build to Honduras when I saw true poverty for the very first time. The next was in 1999 when I baptised my first new Christian – an experience that changed me in ways I cannot explain. And most recently, on August 4 2003 When God gave me the gift of Leadership in a vivid encounter with Him. All of these events are things that are highly experiential and yet extremely factual for me.

What have your moments of reality been with Jesus? What changes has God made in you? How have you grown? How have you been humbled? Think through your Christian walk and write down your journey milestones. Then share them with those you love. It will change them. It will change you. And it will glorify God!

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