Friday, July 22, 2005

Annointed with the gift of Leadership

On August 4, 2003 I had an experience I will never forget. In fact, it is one of those few and far between pivotal moments that change ones life forever. As Chaplain of Nunawading Adventist Primary School I had taken the four school captains to a “National Young Leaders’ Day” held in Melbourne. There were hundreds of school children and some very distinguished guest speakers.

As each speaker was speaking I would ask the kids with me, “Is this person talking about leadership?” The constant answer was, “No.” Personal goals, stress management, writing books, and other topics were explored by various speakers. Then Ivan Deverson, Former Melbourne Mayor (1995-1997) began to speak. When I asked the kids the question this time the answer came back with excited head nods, “Yes!” It was while listening to Deverson speak that my pivotal moment came. As I listened to him explain leadership his words began to fade away and I began to get very uncomfortable. A chill ran down my spine and in what can only be described as the sensation of a bucket of cold water being thrown on my face I heard another voice, in my heart. It said only one thing and the point was clear. “David, you are a leader.”

For my entire life I have always considered myself as primarily a creative thinker. I joined teams, boards and clubs with one goal in mind – to share my gift of creativity. While I often got placed in positions of leadership, I never considered myself a leader. I worked with leaders. I supported their success by providing lateral thinking and creative ideas.

When God spoke to me on that August morning he took me to a new phase in my life. Leadership 101, “The Training Ground” was complete. I was ready for the gift of leadership. I have worked with fantastic leaders for my whole life. I have studied them and counselled them. Without realising it, God was shaping my ability to motivate and encourage others while I though I was just “being creative.”

From that moment forward my personal relationships have become fields of influence. I now see myself as a naturally creative thinker with the spiritual gift of leadership.

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