Thursday, April 18, 2024

Sabbath: The Way And The Day

Sabbath should inform the way you worship just as much as the day you worship! 

Genesis presents it as a day created for rest with God (Gen 2). Exodus reframes it as a day of rest honouring creation (Ex 20). Deuteronomy reframes it as a day of rest due to freedom (Deut 5). Jesus reframes it as a day of rest to be truly human (Mark 2). He says mankind is the master of Sabbath, not the other way around. 

Worshiping on Sabbath is a form of resting but it's not always restful! Sabbath is a day to remember the God who created us, liberated us, and empowered us to connect to our role as stewards of creation and champions of the freedom of others. 

Sabbath was truly made for man, not man for the Sabbath. It serves to remind us to bring rest to our fellow man and the broken earth. It serves to reclaim us as created in God's image. And it remains both a day and a way of being truly human.

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