Monday, July 15, 2019

Dear Dragonhordling,

I have been into the dragon's lair and dined with him. I believed for a time that his loot and his fire were my own. He's generous like that.

But then I saw the Knight in shining armour. He fought the dragon to claim rights to me. He won that battle, long ago. Now He rides in every day and checks to see who is peering out from under the dragon's wing - who might glimpse Him today. Daily, at sunrise, He calls to every dragonhordling, "Follow me." 

One day, I did. 

One day, I pray you will as well. 

Life with God is an epic tale but truer than any truth we may claim and name. We mere mortals barely glimpse His reality. But that glimpse is enough. 

"Follow me." He promises, "Life will never be the same." 

Follow Him and reality will be more than quirks and quarks. It will be imbued with meaning, purpose and freedom from the dragon's cave we once believed to be all that. 

Continue your quest. See you at Sonrise!



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