Saturday, November 04, 2017

Faith vs Works

The battle between Faith and Works – our understanding of our involvement and God's involvement in our lives, our natures and the nature of life – is based on a misunderstanding of the nature of God.

God is always Love. He is always good. Anytime we see Him seem to stray (both Biblically and personally) from loving kindness - it is an accommodation He is making to us, our will, our expectations of Him or the world around us. God is the master of becoming small enough to be big enough for each of us at every moment of our lives.

In short – when it comes to Salvation – God does everything. Or, more accurately, He did everything. God became one of us, in the flesh, by sending His Son Jesus to live, die and re-live. The incarnation is the penultimate accommodation. His death, at our hands, brought on the ultimate accommodation – God turned his face away from Himself – try to fathom that! Like the temple curtain tearing in two, God’s heart was cleft in two – from top to bottom, from Highest Heaven to Deepest Death.

This is His Love. This is our Salvation. Anything we do in return is but a meagre response. 

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