Saturday, September 23, 2017

Pneumatics: People of the Spirit

A line of thought for today's lesson:
"Spirit People"

Read Gal 6:1-5

Teaching Point: "you who are spiritual" is the word "Pneumatics" in the Greek. It's more of a title than a description.

Q. Who is most of this passage focusing upon: The fallen one or the reconcilers? (reconcilers) Why? (get opinions)

Q. What are the directives given to reconcilers? Why?

Q. Who are the Pneumatics: the fallen or the reconcilers? (both, this is a model for reconciling a fallen brother/sister - a fellow pneumatic).

Q. Vs 1 finishes with two maxims: "Watch Yourself" / "Don't you be tempted" - Paul switches, mid verse from plural (brothers) to singular (yourself). Why?

Q. How does a "Spirit Person" (Pneumatic) spend their days on Earth? Why? (reflecting and reducing my pride to help others follow Christ - and expecting help from fellow "pneumatics" when I fall to temptation.)

Q. What is the benefit of carrying each others burden? (lifts the struggler, humbles the helper - it levels the field)

Q. In this passage, what seems to be more dangerous in the church: a fallen Pneumatic or a prideful Pneumatic? How so?

Q. As a pneumatic, how does this passage direct your focus for today and tomorrow? How does it give you encouragement?

Illustration: A Humble Church
While this is a different form of reconciliation (public repentance of a group to the greater body of believers) it speaks volumes of the kind of church we become as we put Christ first, fellow pneumatics second and self third.

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