Thursday, June 08, 2017

Sabbath School Helps - Lesson 11 - June 10 2017


It is said that 10,000 hours makes a master. What have you mastered in life? How has the process of mastering this craft, instrument, pursuit shaped you? (We are mastered by that which we master)


Read: 2 Peter 2:19
What does this verse teach us about the impact your pursuits have upon you?

Read 2 Peter 2:1-22
What different communities are considered in this passage? (OT times, Early church, Heaven, Noah’s community, Lot’s community, wild animals, Balaam’s community, natural forces, sinful world, sacred community) … Why so many? Can we all find at least one to relate with? Which one speaks most clearly to you?

T/F: Those who formed the Early Church were both mastering and being mastered by the church they were forming. Support your answer.
While Creating Community (Planting a church, growing a church):
What positive personal values in individuals can be developed?
What positive organisational values can be developed?
What negative personal values can be developed?
What negative organisational values can be developed?
What makes the difference?
What steps can be taken to ensure we develop positives and squash negatives?

Read John 8:34-36
What is this verse saying to you?
Who among us has sinned? (all) So we are all slaves to what? (sin)
Who among us has been released? (all) So we are all what? (free)
Free indeed!
From what? (the obvious answer is ‘sin’ but this is due to taking this passage – far too often – out of context)

The Context
Read John 8:30-32
To whom is Jesus speaking? (Jews who believe Him – disciples!)

Read John 8:33
Who did they say they were? (Abraham’s sons)

After Jesus pushed them a bit more, who did they decide they were? John 8:41 (God’s sons)
Who did Jesus tell them their father was? John 8:44 (Satan)
Just reminding ourselves: To whom is Jesus speaking? John 8:31 (Believers – disciples)
Do you believe in Jesus? Are you a follower of Jesus?
Are you uncomfortable, yet?

What makes the difference? John 8:42 (love for Jesus)
How important is it that our church community is founded on love for Jesus and love for others?
How can we ensure ‘love for Jesus’ is the primary focus of our community?

Any time our community claims God as our Father but does not love, we become the children of Satan. While this may seem extremely harsh, it is exactly what the context of John 8 is teaching us about being ‘set free by the Son.’
If we are ‘free indeed’ – John 8:36 – what have we been set free from? (loveless entitlement, believing we are the sons of God, heirs of the Kingdom, or any other such title without first recognising our places as slaves in need of freedom. We are not natural sons – only freed slaves - but amazingly we are adopted as children of God! We best remember our 'lost' heritage and 'found' story.)
What steps can be taken to ensure we develop love and squash entitlement?
What does discipleship look like in a place set free by the Son?
What does evangelism look like in a place set free by the Son?


If Jesus is truly our master, we will be mastered by Him.
Personally, what might this look like today? Tomorrow? In 30 years?
As a church, what might this look like today? Tomorrow? In 30 years?

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