Saturday, December 06, 2014

The Purpose

Our purpose in Sabbath School—in all of Christianity—is to win people to the Love of Christ. Facts do not win hearts. Love wins hearts. The primary focus of passionate Jesus followers needs to be to Love first. Love Jesus. Love others. Love ourselves. Love the world Jesus made. Redemption comes from the knowledge of Love not the knowledge of facts.

There are too many denominations. Too many right people.
We need more righteous people.

To be right is to know the facts of Truth. To be righteous is to know the Truth of Love.
Only Love saves the lost. Facts just give us better report cards.
Wouldn't it be nice of our report cards mattered?
Only Jesus' report card matters.

Our good deeds just point to Him, His Love and His offer of a new report card - His.
That's Love! And that is a songsheet worth singing from!

So, what should Sabbath School be? It should be a worldview altering picture of Jesus. A picture that shows the Kingdom of Jesus' Love and the Grace that leads there. The truth experienced in Sabbath School should lead to the Truth of His eternal, forgiving, Loving way with words!

That was fun to write. Now I just need to start living it! :)

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