Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Restory Life

It has been said that we each have a book inside us.
Many of us have short stories busting out of the seams of our lives.
This section is for my friends, those of you who are restorying life.

Lonely and Misunderstood by Janet
An Everyday Miracle by Grace

If you've got a short story busting to get out, send it to me. I'd be glad to edit it and pop it up on the "Restory Life" section of my blog.
The only criteria is that it needs to make me want to live a better life.
Subjective? Yup. But it's my blog! Lol
I would also like a pic of you, to put a story to the face.
If you are under 18,  we will need to arrange permission from your parents.
That's about all the rulish mumbo-jumbo!

Restory life! (you know you want to)

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