Sunday, December 08, 2013

The truth behind the diet guru's claims

Wow, it's been awhile since I've given a health update. Just looked at the date of the last post - Oct 11. Well, sorry! Here I am, back for an update.

I've only lost one kilogram.... this week. And one the last. And one before that. One kilo a week for 19 weeks! I'm in the middle of my 19th week and on track to loose another kilo by Wednesday, my weigh in/record it day.

You know those diet guru's that say, "Loose all the weight you want by eating what you want!" and then dance around like skinny show ponies proclaiming their amazing program in a hoarse throaty voice? Well, I've discovered the truth in their claim. And, I'm going to give it to you now, for free.

When you eat to fuel your body, rather than to please your cravings, for long enough — you no longer desire food that doesn't help you be healthy.

Right now, it's the "end of year party" season. I've been to quite a few parties celebrating the year — and there are plenty of unhealthy options. My eyes skip right over them now. In a subconscious way, my mind looks for what it needs. Good fuel. And when it finds it, my hand reaches out and puts a small portion on my plate. I am eating what I want whenever I want and loosing a kilo a week. 

Here's the key: Feed your body what it needs for 6 weeks. The first 3 will be hard. The second 3 will be a bit easier because you see the effects of the healthy lifestyle and because your mind and body are appreciating the fuel they are getting. Your thinking will become clearer. Your energy level will become heightened. Your sleep patterns will regulate. Your moods will become balanced. These things work together to increase your self-control to levels you've never experienced.

And then, one day, you'll realise you are not thinking about the way you eat. You're just eating what you want when you want. And getting healthy. Because, you have retrained your mind and body to treat food as fuel rather than rewards. That's what has happened to me. I do not plan my meals for the day or week anymore. I do not consider - where will I find the option, today? I just don't see the unhealthy options as food. They are not what I want, at all.

Health benefits I have noticed:

I can walk up stairs or a steep hill and not be puffed at the top. My body is able to carry it's weight with pleasure rather than struggle. This also means I am more willing to walk which again increases my fitness. People who have never been obese will never understand this: Fat people do not avoid exercise because they are lazy. I was exercising just getting out of a chair, walking from the car to the shops/office, standing for a long time or walking a stage during a performance. Being fat is hard work! It is taxing for both mind and body. Loosing weight is a blessing in so many more ways that just 'looking good'.

I love doing physical work. I used to avoid too much exertion when I was around other people because it made me sweat, pant and look flushed. It also took my pulse, breathing and body a long time to recover. So, a little hard work and I would look like I'd run a marathon. I hated that. So, I only did physical labour around the house, occasionally. Not good for health! Now, I love loading crates of food in the van for Northpoint, carrying boxes of food to people's doors (which often includes carrying it up a flight of steep/narrow stairs to people in budget apartments), mowing the lawn, going for walks, and even working out with weights. I have rediscovered the Davy of my youth who loved being active.

I can perform on stage for 30 minutes without pouring sweat. For years, I have been trying various ways to calm myself before and during stage performances (preaching, storytelling, etc) because I always look like I've just come up from under water. I'm a sweater, always have been. So is my Dad and he is fit and healthy. But, he sweats when he's exercising, not when he's telling a story! And now the same is true for me!

I am sleeping much better. I do not toss and turn during the night. When I do need to turn over, I do it with ease rather than struggling to turn over because of my bulk. I require much less sleep now that I'm not snoring the fat-man snore or needing to get up for the toilet at 3am (because of overeating in the evenings).  I go to bed between 10 and 11 each night and am up between 6 and 7.

My motorcycle loves me. I rode to Ringwood and Revive churches yesterday. 19 kilo's less, means faster acceleration, better flexibility for getting on and off the bike, better control of the cornering and start/stop/accelerating when the body needs to be tight and ready, and a better profile for the all important long stares of awe and respect from passersby.  lol

As a side effect of not being an unhealthy fuel provider, my family is getting fitter too! They are all lean, fit and energetic.

And, as an added bonus, people are noticing and affirming my success. Work mates who only see me once a month or less are surprised and comment "Wow, who are you?" My kids are proud of me. They are always talking about how good I am doing. Rachael hugs me and overlaps her hands, grabbing her wrists, then she says, "WOW Dad! I can remember when I couldn't touch hands around you!" And Jenny shakes her head and says, "You are amazing! You are really doing it. You look great!"

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