Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Counting Backward from 10 ... 9 ...

Today I made the journey into the city for another visit with some of St Vincents’ super-duper cool people. I really do like them, they are very friendly, listen well and laugh at my jokes. What more can a brain patient ask for? hehe

Today I met Emma and Eric. They* were both very helpful and informative. 

Emma was either a doctor or a nurse, I’m not sure, and spent a long time with me doing various tests and asking me lots of questions. At the beginning of the visit, she told me the primary purpose of today was to assess my compatibility with the medication they will use to knock me out during the surgery. 

Emma took some blood. She did a blood pressure test. Then she put 10 stickers on my chest, stomach and ankles to test my electrical system. She was very happy with all my answers and the results of the BP and ECG tests. The blood results will come back in the next day or two, but I am quite confident as I have had two blood tests in the past month at my local GP. After the ECG she played a little trick on me which was quite funny. She said, “Ok, there are 10 stickers on your body. Find them and remove them.” It took me awhile. But, after a hint, I was successful!

I asked Emma about the stay in the hospital. She said, 5-7 days is normal. I will be up and walking on the first day after surgery and will be expected to be quite coherent and coordinated very quickly. No rest for the wicked! I was happy to hear that I won’t be bed ridden for long at all. After all the questions and tests were finished, she sent me off to provide some “midstream” pee in a cup. That was the hardest test of them all. But, I’m a champion! To the rim and not a drop wasted. lol

After meeting with Emma, I met with Eric. Dr Eric? He told me the name of the surgeon doing my opperation is Dr Smith. I said, “You hear that Mr. Anderson?... That is the sound of inevitability....” (no I didn’t, but I was tempted). lol (there’s a prize to the first person brave enough to put the next like in a comment below)... 

Anyway, Eric looked through my file (online!) with me and let me know that, while a date has not yet been set, I will receive a call in the next week or two to inform me of the date. He said, it should be in the next three or four weeks. 

So, I’m happy with today’s escapade. It was a safe drive into the city and a safe return. And I feel reassured, yet again, that the upcoming surgery is in very capable hands!

*What’s up with the first name game at the higher level of society? It’s like we’re playing topsy-turvy with the education-vs-title equation. Elder Jones can knock on my door at 18 years of age (recently reduced from 19 as voted by the good people of Utah). The CTO can instant message the CEO about the CIO defaming the CCO with very little flame between all four matchsticks. But in a brain surgery ward, a patient meets Emma and Eric to chat about having a tumour removed. Hmmm....


  1. We'll be thinking of you, Jenny and the kids Dave. Best of luck and please keep us informed. Great to hear you so strong. I understand if you're just like the other ducks on the pond, looking calm on top but kicking furiously under the water!

  2. That's a great illustration! :) Love it. That is how mentoring leadership looks. :)
    As I approach the surgery, I am feeling very loved by those who know me and trusting of those who will look after me.
    Any other approach is investing energy where I have no control!
    I'll leave the worry to those with the practice. :)


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