Saturday, September 15, 2012

The Great Southern Railway

I took a few pictures on my train journey from Melbourne — Adelaide — Perth
I also overheard a few conversations. And I had a few conversations on Facebook. 
So, here are the highlights!

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David Edgren
Always dreamed of taking the train to Perth. After the surgery my balance will be affected for life. Motion sickness may be my new friend. I'm booked to do a double WOP in Perth next week... So, I've decided to take the train before the surgery! First stop — at North Shore Station (Geelong)
Graeme Frauenfelder I love the train across Australia. Enjoy it heaps! 
Jodine Azzopardi that will be wonderful! Good for you! Praying motion sickness will not be!
Briohne Sykes Hooray!!!
Tanya Karaoglanis Enjoy!!!!
Clansi Rogers Liking the train part, not the reason for your surgery!
Vicki Knight Praying for you David. God Bless. The best train ride you will ever have.
Tony Cullinan Brilliant mate! Hope you have a ball pal!
Neil Wilson Our family will be praying all goes well for you in surgery Dave. God bless you. Enjoy your trip.

Whizzing past Winch...
(I'm sure Winchelsea is just there somewhere!)

Mt Ararat.

David Edgren
So green out here. Rain is a blessing! — at Dimboola Railway Station (Horsham)

Just outside of Bordertown.

Rolling hills coming into Adelaide.

The mighty Murray from train bridge (see shadow!) 
with paddle steamer included just for character. ;)

Murray River from the bridge into Adelaide.

David Edgren
What an amazing day! Beautiful on the train. all the way from Lilydale (at 6am) until Adelaide (at7pm). Sunny. Clear skies. Funny people ride the train. Big windows. Swivelling seats. I worked a half-day on my iPad. Random conversations with various people - also random. I read for hours on my Kindle. I took snapshots out the window, doctored them up and posted them on FB. Just finished tea downstairs. Went shopping at Coles for breaky (right across the road!). Now, I'm sitting on my bed, with free wifi... Life is good! — at Metropolitan Hotel (Adelaide)
Philip Knight Well done Dave. And what memorable things you get up to!! Good on you!! Enjoy the trip across the desert :)
Candice Jaques You should get some great story material on your train adventure.
Tony Cullinan Thats awesome mate. Good on you Dave!!

The lounge car. Powerpoints with a view!

David Edgren
Thursday via Mobile
After a two day layover in Adelaide, I'm back on the train. Let the adventure continue! — at City of Salisbury, SA, Australia
Tanya Karaoglanis Enjoy!!! And relax ....

David Edgren
Woke up as the train stopped. — at Mambary Creek
(Maybe a bit too relaxed, eh Tanya?) lol
Any window. 
They're all the same. 
Just like snowflakes.

David Edgren
Just Overheard: "Look at that gum tree. Isn't it amazing how the morning sun shines off it's leaves."
My Thought: "Nobody flying from Melbourne to Perth ever says that!"
Aldona Jones no...but substitute "gum tree" with "sunrise" and "leaves" with "colourful clouds" and it brings back memories of flights from Melb to Perth (or Sydney, or Brisbane, or wherever). however you travel, you will always have an opportunity to glimpse some of God's wonders that you wouldn't see any other way!
Katherine Darroch I did that flight twice last year - the only thing that I was saying was, "If they didn't cram in so many rows of seats I may actually be able to move my legs now..." Guess you don't have that problem either hey?

Scrub. Framed. 
Train seat. Saved. 
For you!

David Edgren
Stopping to check the mail! Lucky for the people in Tarcoola that we stopped by. :) — at Tarcoola

Scenery change. 
Looks like God stopped after the base coat.

David Edgren
Just Overheard: 
Woman: Is there anything worth taking photos of?
Man: Well there's a toilet block coming up.
I laughed. I thought he was kidding. The left side of the lounge car emptied as the oldies charged the view of the toilet block. I stifled my laugh. These are serious tourists!
Today, it's not just what's outside the windows that matters. 
It's what you do with it! lol
Kaye Wilson LOL, even though aged, they were interesed in some thing!!
Tony Cullinan Was it a well built toilet block?
David Edgren Yeah, I think it worked out.

In between Sydney and Perth lies Cook: 
a toilet and a souvenir shop. 
The school is closed!

David Edgren
20 minute break in a ghost town. Any disciples on the train? It's not a ghost, Peter! — at Cook
David Edgren Makes me wonder: If Jesus could walk on the sea, could he swim in the desert? (better go out and have a look!)
Katherine Darroch What's the verdict?
David Edgren I'm back: I didn't see any swimming but I did see a few of the least of these. So, Jesus is in the desert.
Scott Wegener I've been to Cook via car. Not much there. We went to the tip to find snakes and saw the Indian Pacific stop over while there.
David Edgren Where did you come from? It's really out there!

Scott Wegener I know, up the dirt track from the Aussie bite.

A sign and a train. 

Cook gaol cells. 
A bit too gentle on the badies, I say. 
Private rooms and stoves!

David Edgren was at Wynbring (dirt Runway).
David Edgren Went by so fast I didn't have time to write a description. So, here it is. 
Red. Dirt. Runway.

David Edgren
Just went past a most misnamed bit of scrub. — at Forrest
Katherine Darroch The people that named it either had a great imagination or a great sense of humor:)

Crossed Over!

David Edgren
finished The God of Small Things by Arundhati Roy and gave it 5 stars

Late night in Kalgoolie. 
Hanging out at the train station because it's cool. 
Raining actually.

David Edgren
Bedtime. Todays official roo count - 27. But I wasn't really trying!
Tony Cullinan Well, we expect far better from you next time!
Tanya Karaoglanis Instead of counting sheep to help you go to sleep in the outback it's Roo's .... very Australian. Lol.
James Toogood oh - i thught you meant you hit no 27 driving home from country
David Edgren Larrikins, the lot of ya!

Coming into Perth.

David Edgren
Arrived on time in Perth - 9:15am. Got picked up by PrRobert Stankovic and got to church with 30 minutes to spare before my children's story and sermon! Awesome day!

Tonight (Tuesday, Sept 18) we went to see the city at night. 
Snapped this with "slow shutter" on my iPhone 4S 
(all the pics in this post are iPhone4S pics)

Perth, the beautiful...

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