Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Story Givers

My passion for storytelling and writing come from my belief that, as storytelling creatures, humans become the stories they believe. The majority of faith and values decisions are made before kids leave primary school. Both of these assertions are backed by solid research in both secular and christian studies. With these two things in mind, it is clear that our children need more good stories to hang their faith on and build their lives on.

Providing these stories is my passion! I have been a biblical storyteller for 25 years and have recently become an author of children's books.

The story-givers we believe most readily are our parents and immediate family. These stories, even if untrue, ring true because they come from those who have built our reality. While they may not mean to be building our story base, they are our primary story-givers.

Our secondary story-givers in childhood are the adults who we come into repeated contact and learn to trust. This is where extended family, teachers, chaplains and pastors come in. Because there are such sad stories in so many homes, and because even the good homes are busy and spend little time storytelling, secondary story givers have a real job on their hands! We need to know our stories and know how extremely valuable they are.

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