Monday, January 30, 2012

Serpent Scroll used for children's story

Rochelle, a Mum who reads the scroll books to her kids did something awesome recently. Have a read!

"I took a children's story and used, from the Serpent Scroll, the story of Adam and Eve and then told the children they could get this book out of the library to read more.
It's nice to get some feedback that even the really young children were listening with rapt attention as I told/read the story - so hopefully the 4 copies at the library will be taken out by heaps of children from the church and community!"

When I asked her if I could post this on my blog, she went on to say:

"No probs. I'd be really happy for you to do so. My daughter, Paris, who you may remember from when she was a baby at camp, (now almost 8) has loved your books so much, we have read 2 with one to go and she just can't wait to read each chapter, so they are books that HAVE to be shared with our community too!!"

How are you using the Serpent Scroll, the Lamb Scroll, and the Kingdom Scroll to bless the children in your world?

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