Tuesday, June 14, 2011

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The final book in The Adventures in the Bible trilogy by Pastor David Edgren has recently been released. The three books form a “Christian faith journey” for primary aged children and their families.
The first book, The Serpent Scroll, examines the Great Controversy between good and evil. The second book, The Lamb Scroll, models the wisdom of choosing to follow God and choosing to be baptised. The final book, The Kingdom Scroll, explores the joy of living as a resident of the Kingdom of God.
Using a creative strategy and the active imagination of the reader, The Adventures in the Bible series dives into the Bible and allows the reader to immerse themself in the culture and context of its stories. Series author David Edgren says, “My goal was to create a way for kids to explore the Bible from the inside out in an adventurous and creative fashion. By putting three children ‘in the Bible” they are able to ask questions of the text from the inside.”
Following each of the 70+ chapters in the trilogy, a list of questions leads the reader into thought or, if the book is being read as a family, into discussion time. “We learn better when we learn together,” Edgren says. “The books are meant to teach both Bible stories and Bible study skills. There are over 25 Bible stories retold in these three books, and three overarching themes of scripture — one in each book. It is my hope that families will read the Scroll books together for family worship and be irresistibly drawn to their Bibles: to explore together, the stories from the Source.”
The Adventure in the Bible trilogy, and David Edgren’s other books, can be found in your local ABC or online at the adventistbookcenter.com website.

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