Monday, October 16, 2006

My notes from reading WOMBAT Selling

WOMBAT Selling
Michael Hewitt-Gleeson


It’s better to be first in mind than the first in the Media.
It’s better for your idea to be a word-of-mouth than an advertisement.
The world is a place with battling ideas, not battling products.
Your reputation as an attractive and innovative idea-fountain is everything.
Ideas that show generosity are attractive to people and will keep them near you.

Don’t expect customers who can shop globally online for a new computer to take seriously the childish antics of the door-to-door Bible salesman.

A brand is a corporate cognitive pattern in the brain of the customer.
It takes 10 repetitions for a brand (or idea) to lock into a persons brain.

CHECK position: When you are actually in contact with the client.
The salesperson controls CHECK.
Checkmate position: When the customer says YES.
The customer contols Checkmate. (only they can say yes!)
UNCHECK position: When there is no contact with a customer where the customer
cannot say yes or no.
Uncheck is your enemy, not the customer. Love your customer and escape

A “meme” is a self-replicating element of culture, passed on by imitation.

Good scorekeeping results in a better results, if your are lucky.
Good service results in happier customer, every time!
Mere scorekeeping is not the same as serving.

It’s not the “close” that gives us the opportunity to win the customer. It’s the start. The more starts, the more customers. The more starts, the more sales.

Start the sale = get the customer’s attention

The GET-GO: the start

Strategy is all about control. If you are in control you are in a strategic position, if you are out of control you are in a strategic position. If you are out of control, you aren’t. Starting is a strategic act because we can control it but we cannot control finishing.

We can control process, but we cannot control results. Perfect the process.
No drill, no skill.
Training exercises should be ¼ training and ¾ exercise.
Workshops should be ¼ lecture and ¾ practice!

- send an email
- mail an invitation
- telephone with info
- fax a press release
- hold a conference, meeting or seminar
- perform an act of service
- put an ad on the website
- ask a question
- visit with a gift
- have someone else do any of these on your behalf

TT record keeping
Tomorrow: Set the number of times you will UNCHECK-TO-CHECK in the next 24 hours.
Today: Record the number of UNCHECK-TO-CHECK you make yesterday. Meet yesterday’s goal.

TEN-TIMES: Whatever you are planning, setting or doing multiply the expectation by ten and your results will grow.

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