Tuesday, September 12, 2006

One very full day

Last Friday was a very interesting one indeed. I put the Rav4 in for service and so Rachael and I decided to take the train into Ringwood to go to Eastlands shopping centre. We got our tickets and boarded the train in Lilydale.
After shopping at Eastlands for a few hours we decided to take the bus home (it's all on the same $2.30 all day ticket!) and so we sat at the bus stop and waited. The bus came. We got on. And two minutes later I realised that I didn't have my bag - it has my IPOD and PSP in it, plus other bits and pieces. The bus driver kindly lets us off and we ran back. (Rachael is a fast little runner!)
When we got to the bus stop the bag was... gone. I stood there stunned and winded. I looked left, right, up the street, down the street. No one. It was gone. People walked by. Cars drove past. A lady in a wheelchair pulled up to the bus stop, "Are you looking for a bag?" she said.
Stunned, I looked down and said, "Yes!"
She said, "I just took it to Centre Management. Just go in the door and turn right."
I was amazed. I thanked her, "You are a very honest person!"
She smiled and Rachael and I quickly made our way to the bag.
Unfortunately, it was getting close to the time that we needed to pick the boys up from school, so we didn't have time to wait for the next hourly bus. We hurried over to the train station. As we approached the train was just pulling into the station. They don't wait for long so we ran again. We found a seat and fell into it exhausted. 15 minutes later we pulled into the third stop and the signs said "Boronia."
The train line splits at Ringwood—one to Lilydale and one to Boronia and beyond... So, we got off the train, waited patiently for 20 minutes, and got on one headed back to Ringwood. While we waited I met a young lady who was searching for work. We talked the minutes away and had a lot in common. She's a professional soprano! (just like me) :)
On our way back to the Ringwood station I was sitting next to one of the many windows on the train and a large rock hit the window with enough force to create a spider web of shattered glass the size of a serving tray. It was a loud noise. And, since it was right next to my head, it was quite startling. Being of sound mind, I didn't jump. I just looked at the cracked window, turned to the guy across from me, and said, "Looks like Superman was flying a bit low." My seatmate, not being of sound mind, was not amused. Another rock had also struck a window further forward in the car. Evidently some kids decided to throw rocks at the same time. Interestingly, even though the glass was shattered, I couldn't feel the cracks—must have been two panes of glass, both very thick.
When we got back to Ringwood, we only had to wait for a minute or two for the right train and we arrived in Lilydale 10 minutes before the boys got out of school. We caught a taxi to the service station and paid for the car service and quickly drove to the school. On the way, the phone rang. It was the service centre calling to tell me that I had left my credit card with them. We picked up the boys and went back to get the card. Having more time, I gave them a few copies of the latest Signs. (As I do) :)
Then we went to Chrinside Park shopping centre and bought a few things for the weekend and headed home. On the way home I decided to stop at Goodyear Tyres as the service centre had said that the tyres were needing replacement. I thought I would book an appointment for some new wider wheels and road tyres (rather than the skinny 4wd wanabe's that were balding). The guy was really nice, made some suggestions and then said, "Why don't we slap one of these on the Rav and see what you think? Do you have 10 minutes." I did. And so they did. And it looked great. I asked when we could book it in to get it done and he said, "We can do it now, if you'd like." I was amazed. Where do you get service like that? So, I had new tyres on my Rav for my trip to preach in Sale the next day (about 500km round trip) and they are excellent tyres! Quiet and hold the road beautifully!
So that was last Friday. My day off.
A successful day.
And interesting to boot!

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