Knowing the Truth: Response from Braden Blyde

What a great, thought provoking topic.

If we were going to go down the whole post-modern track we could say that truth is nothing, truth is everything. What you believe is truth, what I believe is truth, because we make our own realities and truths.

So if we construct our own truths - do we need the Bible (an instruction manual of truth)?

Post modern thought falls down in the area of acountability. If there is no ultimate truth, then we are not accountable to anyone or anything. I don't believe God is a post modernist - but that is not to say he isn't available to post modernists. If God was a post modernist, the 10 commandments would become open to any interpretation, in fact the whole Bible (even Jesus) would be open - and each one of them aceptable. This doesn't sit well with me.

So do we need the Bible to know God? This is how I see it - the Bible is a literary representation and account of the Truth. So by reading it we get to know the Truth. However, the Truth is more than the Bible, it is God. God does not need the Bible to exist, but the Bible exists because of God.

It is therefore possible to know God without the Bible (such as Enoch did), but impossible to know the Bible without God.

Thats' my 2cents worth.

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