Sunday, September 11, 2005

: ! ? . . . --- The Perfect Bible Study Tool for Groups?

Over the last couple months I have been exploring ways to get group members involved in the discussion during Bible Study. I have developed a model that works really well, is easy to remember and is fun. It looks like this...


And here is the explaination. If this is done in a classroom I write the symbols on a board in different quadrants and then take 3 or 4 students (the first to pipe up and say something) and work the rest of the exercise with their ideas. The rest of the class will join in during the last three steps (they can't help themselves!)... If it is done in a small group I will use a board or large piece of paper. If done in a large group I have the students each draw the above six symbols down a page as if they were numbering 1-6 but using the symbols instead - leaving one line after 1, 2 & 3 (: ! ?) and then 5 or six lines for 4-6 (. . .).

: --- The passage you are studying (eg John 5:1-5)

! --- The main point. The big idea. The "aha" you (the student) see in the text.
Hint: Do NOT give your (the teacher) big idea. Many people will not have a go if you have given the "right answer"... The teacher is always right, eh?

? --- Reword the ! as a question.
Hint: You will be amazed at how different their question often is from what you thought it would be. This is especially true for children. They are extremely lateral thinkers!

. . . ---
Answer your question with three possible answers. What answers are presented in the passage? Are there any typical answers that are often given that are "wrong"? What answers can you think of? Do you know any stories in scripture that answer the question?

This model is loved by teachers and students alike.

Give it a shot!

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